What God Thinks

Anthony only wants to see his mother again, wherever she may be, and comes up with a plan to reunite with her. 

First published in Front Porch Review, October 2017, and reprinted in Hypertrophic Literary, Winter 2017. 

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Fire and Pine

Hidden grudges and dark secrets haunt a small town. When a newcomer helps out one of his neighbors, he is drawn right into the middle of an old feud.

Thirty-four of today's best up and coming writers provide wonderfully unique interpretations inspired by the urban legends of the Internet age. Tales range from science fiction to fantasy, horror, and romance!

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Old Arguments

Gehenna & Hinnom is proud to present the Year's Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology, the most comprehensive telling of our species' future ever to be read by non-cybernetic eyes. In “Old Arguments” a brother on his deathbed reunites with his long-estranged sister.

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A Spectrum of Experience: Creating Interpretive Programs for Adults

Included in Interpreting the Art Museum : A Collection of Essays and Case Studies (MuseumsEtc., 2015).

"A Spectrum of Experience: Creating Interpretive Programs for Adults" provides an overview of adult public programming strategy at the Cleveland Museum of Art as well as a framework for planning effective programming at other institutions.

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The House with the Koi Pond

A holiday job with a shipping company forces a difficult choice. First published in Gravel, September 2017. 

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Portrait of a Woman

On their visit to an art museum, Susan's first date with Max takes a surprising turn.

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In memory of Flight

An artist's unusual encounter at a gallery opening reminds him of his reasons for painting. 

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